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Flexiflor® P.U. is a modern, cost effective flooring system, with exceptional performance, durability and elasticity, providing a seamless multi-purpose surface.

Installed onto a suitable level base, the prefabricated rubber is adhered prior to the three wet laid coats of polyurethane which completes the versatile surface. Sports line markings are applied for the various sports required.

Maintenance is quick and simple due to the nature of the seamless surface.

The Benefits:

  • Even distribution of point load
  • Consistent elasticity
  • Excellent safety and comfort
  • Shock and sound absorbing
  • Superior deformation recovery
  • Highly resilient
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Easy to clean top layer
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses
  • Sustains rolling loads such as bleacher seating

Flexiflor® P.U. complies with Type P - Point Elastic Systems under the European unified standard now applicable for Surfaces for Sports Areas/Indoor Surfaces for Multi-Use - BS EN 14904:2006.

Flexiflor® is a polyurethane (P.U.) wet laid surface onto a bonded prefabricated rubber base. A wide range of colours are available. 

Flexiflor® meets the tough demands of multi-use for sports, school exams, exhibitions and social events. 

Flexiflor® systems are compatible with underfloor heating.


We offer a complete refurbishment package for all sports surface finishes, which includes scarification, sealing/re-application of finished surfaces and line marking.

Please see our downloads section (on this page) for further information in relation to Flexiflor® and other related items such as our temporary sports hall flooring cover - Flortector®.

For further information in relation to Sports Hall Equipment please see our Sports Hall page.


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