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floodlighting at Lymm High School sports flood lighting

Dark sky at night, Lymm's delight!

The installation of new improved floodlighting, as part of the construction of a Premier 20P synthetic pitch at Lymm High School, has restored dark skies in the Lymm area.

The synthetic pitch, located next to the school, is set within a residential area. Its former out-dated floodlight scheme, with lamps that created a significant amount of light spillage, had caused excessive light pollution in the local area for many years. So much so that one local resident, and keen astronomer, had started a personal campaign in 2007 to see if improvements could be made.

With school funding obtained for the construction of the new pitch, by Thornton Sports, emphasis was placed on ensuring lighting would be improved at the same time. The installation of low glare, full cut-off, double asymmetric beam floodlights resulted in the lighting being directed onto the pitch while the dark sky quality overhead was improved.

Local resident, Chris Reeves said ‘‘I am grateful that Lymm High School obtained funding for the new lighting and delighted with the superb installation – an excellent result for the Campaign for Dark Skies. Well done!’’

The difference has been clear for all to see with the project receiving coverage on BBC TV regional news. The new floodlighting solution, installed by Thornton Sports has been good for the school, the sporting community, the local environment, local residents and, of course, good for local astronomers too. Stars all round!

(Before and after photographs courtesy of Macclesfield Astronomical Scoiety -

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