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Flexiflor gets registered

In June 2009, GTC Sports' very own sports hall flooring brand, Flexiflor®, became a registered trademark in the UK. This recognition makes the Flexiflor® brand inseparable from GTC Sports as a mark of excellence and dedication to performance.

Flexiflor® is designed and installed to combine high quality multi-sport performance with minimal maintenance requirements throughout the range. Using Flexiflor® P.U. as an example, this desirable combination is made possible by the very nature of the seamless surface itself, which is wet laid onto a suitable sub-base that has been prepared in accordance with installation guidelines set out by BS EN 14904 2006.

The absence of seams and the point-elastic qualities of the polyurethane material make Flexiflor® P.U. the ideal flooring system for multi-purpose use in any indoor sports environment.

Also, when any of the Flexiflor® range is used in conjunction with our own registered floor protection system, Flortector®, the flexibility and versatility of the indoor sports environment is enhanced even further, adding the ability to host examinations and stage various other events without the risk of damage to the underlying floor. 

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