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Natural Grass Pitch Construction from Thornton Contracts

Thornton Contracts Ltd, are able to offer design, supply and construction of Fibrelastic Turf ®, Fibresand®, Fibreturf® and natural grass pitches. We can offer soil analysis, excavation, re-levelling, drainage and irrigation installation, sand slitting/sand mastering, provision of sports markings and equipment.

Fibrelastic® which involves the use of polyurethane fibres in addition to polypropylene fibres, was introduced following an encouraging two year fibre reinforcement research programme by the STRI.

Dr Vic Armond from Mansfield Sand Company says: “The Fibrelastic® Turf surface has all of the attributes provided by a typical fibre reinforced, sand dominant rootzone but most important of all, it is more player friendly because of the reduced hardness and extra resilience of the surface.”

Key Benefits of Fibrelastic® Pitches

  • Enhanced cushioning effect reducing surface hardness
  • Player friendly
  • Increased Live grass cover
  • Improved traction

Recent projects:

  • Llanelli Scarletts
  • Oulder Hill High School
  • Mellish Fields
  • Buckshaw Village
  • Rugby School
  • Harrow School
  • Leckwith Stadium

For further information contact, call 01282 777345

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