Professional Quality Artificial Grass and Sports Surfaces

Polyflex 950/3

Often referred to as a ‘sandwich’ system, this provides an impervious elite level surface at a competitive price. This surface is constructed in 2-layers. The base layer consists of a machine laid black rubber granules bound with polyurethane resin. A flood coat of polyurethane is then applied together with an EPDM surface dressing. ‘Polyflex 950/3’ has the advantage of combining the less expensive black rubber granules used in porous tracks with the full synthetic topping of the more expensive solid system. 

NB – the installation of any polymeric athletics track surface is an extremely weather sensitive operation and should only be attempted during dry weather during the spring/summer months.

NB 2 – it is important for the foundations to incorporate 2-layers of macadam to at least 65mm depth. This is to ensure the very precise tolerance levels required (usually +/- 3mm) are met.

NB3 – ‘Polyflex 950/4’, ‘Polyflex 942’ and ‘Polyflex 950/3’ are all IAAF approved.



Polyflex 950/3 design imagess Polyflex 950/3 design imagess

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