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Polyflex 950/4

This ‘porous’ polymeric surface is ideal for schools, clubs and training tracks. The vast majority of all tracks built in theUK are of this type and the risk of injury is reduced by its softer surface characteristics. This system is a two-layer fully porous construction. Firstly the base layer is installed, consisting of a machine laid black rubber granules bound with polyurethane resin. The top finish is then applied, consisting of a structural spray coat of coloured EPDM granules and pigmented polyurethane.  

NB – the installation of any polymeric athletics track surface is an extremely weather sensitive operation and should only be attempted during dry weather during the spring/summer months.

NB 2 – it is important for the foundations to incorporate 2-layers of macadam to at least 65mm depth. This is to ensure the very precise tolerance levels required (usually +/- 3mm) are met.

NB3 – ‘Polyflex 950/4’, ‘Polyflex 942’ and ‘Polyflex 950/3’ are all IAAF approved.

Polyflex 950/4 design imagess Polyflex 950/4 design imagess

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