soil stabilisation


Soil Stabilisation vehicle Soil Stabilisation - Saves the Environment Soil Stabilisation - Saves Money

Soil Stabilisation - A specialist technique...

Ideal for sites facing poor ground conditions, this technique makes many projects feasible, and offers the following additional benefits:

Saves Time

  • Lime stabilisation dries up wet clay type sub-soil quickly, enabling construction works to progress, even in wet winter conditions

Saves the Environment

  • The specially designed soil stabilisation mixer used during this technique spreads and mixes in one single pass. Hence allowing the operation to be dust-free and more environmentally friendly.
  • Soil stabilisation significantly reduces the need to both cart away soil and import new aggregate to site. Less vehicle movements means a healthier environment and minimised inconvenience for local neighbours.

Saves Money

  • As the technique reduces the aggregate depth required, it can prove very cost effective in locations experiencing high aggregate values.
  • The traditional 'dig and dump' method incurs a landfill tax to remove any unsuitable soils, and also an aggregate tax when buying in new material to site. Such tax expenses are reduced when adopting a soil stabilisation technique.

Soil stabilisation has proved effective on many of our previous projects, including the construction of sports facilities at Westhome School in Blackburn and Gainsborough Educational Village.

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