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Hockey Pitches - Premier Hockey Grass Surfaces

Artificial Grass Pitches for Hockey

In response to the international requirement and environmental demands, Thornton Sports have developed a hockey surface that will give top performance qualities without the need for a full irrigation system.

Our Premier range of sand-dressed products available in both 10mm and 20mm pile height provide the ultimate in performance and durability.

Thornton Sports offer a range of hockey systems to suit all levels of play which, if required, can be tailored to budgetary requirements without sacrificing either quality or durability.

Our floodlighting designs incorporate the latest flat glass light systems, which ensure optimum pitch/court lighting, with minimal spillage and with raise and lower column system. These minimise long term maintenance and reduce health and safety exposure by eradicating the need to climb columns.

Sand-Filled and Sand-Dressed pitches

Sand-filled pitches are filled with sand from the top of the pile right through to the bottom where the pile meets the backing.

Sand-dressed pitches offer two key benefits. Aesthetically, it ensures the surface appears green, and from a performance point of view ball roll and bounce characteristics are consistent with a sand-dressed pitch as the sand is locked deep within the pile.

Water-Based Pitch

This short pile surface  is unfilled and watered to create the performance characteristics required for hockey. The water allows faster ball speed and less drag on the hockey stick.