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Netball Surfaces -
Netball Court Installations

Thornton Sports are able to design and install various types of surfaces for example:

  • Tarmac
  • Colour Coated
  • Acrylic
  • Polymeric

All of these are available in various colours and court configurations. For further information please contact us. Our floodlighting designs incorporate the latest flat glass light systems, which ensure optimum pitch/court lighting, with minimal spillage and with raise and lower column system. These minimise long term maintenance and reduce health and safety exposure by eradicating the need to climb columns.

Indoor Installations

The AENA has established five categories of netball courts.

For Indoor use applicable categories are:

  • Category 2 - School, recreational and community use
  • Category 3 - County League use
  • Category 5 - Dedicated for National League and inter county use

Floor Systems:

For top level Netball, indoor playing surface systems should be area elastic with suitable finish and court line markings.

When Netball is accompanied by other sports and activities in a multi- use hall, the surface system can be point or area elastic, as shown in our range.

Please request details of specifications and costs for your specific requirements.

Court Line Marking:

Permanent court line marking service provides durable markings to meet requirements of Governing Bodies. - Netball Lines – Red 50mm wide

Netball Goals and Equipment:

See the downloads on this website page and contact us for further details.

Floor Renovation

Our comprehensive renovation service covers sanding, sealing, chemical cleaning, repairs and court line marking.

For further information relating to Netball see:


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