Suds Sports -  sustainable sports drainage system Suds Sports -  sustainable sports drainage system sustainable sports drainage system

SudsSports -
Our Sustainable Sports Drainage System

This recent innovation is a sustainable and cost-effective combined sports surface drainage and water management system, incorporating a lightweight plastic sub-base replacement.

It is particularly ideal for sports surface projects incorporating sites with:

  • High susceptibility to flooding
  • Low permeability soils
  • Low lying pitches
  • Regularly saturated surfaces
  • Abnormal ground conditions
  • Sloping site levels
  • Rainwater harvesting requirements
  • Ineffective existing water management systems
  • Sustainable drainage system requirements

Water management benefits of the ‘zero pitch discharge' system include:

  • Shallow attenuation, infiltration and drainage prevent exceeding of green field run off rate
  • Rainwater harvesting facility provided
  • Flood compensation facility inherent

The system's lightweight construction also helps in the following ways:

  • No heavy construction plant required
  •  Ideal for abnormal ground conditions
  • Typically no nett surcharge to underlying formation and lower CBR required
  • Minimised CDM and Health & Safety implications
  • Protection provided to tree roots

Consistency provided by the system helps to avoid possible problems by:

  • No variability in sub-base quality or its compaction
  • Cost certainty

As sustainability becomes increasingly important, SudsSports reassuringly:

  • Minimises the need for quarried aggregates and reduces vehicle movements
  • Requires no macadam layer, avoiding a possible contamination legacy
  • Is a recycled, recyclable and reuseable system

Meanwhile, the system also provides cost effectiveness in the following ways:

  • Low cost form of attenuation
  • No under-pitch drainage pipes required
  • Reduced excavation requirements
  • Ground improvement rarely required at formation/base
  • No sub-base aggregate import costs
  • Less susceptible to delays due to adverse weather

Technical features of the system include

  • 95% factory formed ratio
  • 85mm thick
  • Lightweight (less than 9kg/sq m)
  • Interlocking to create raft
  • Load capacity in excess of 70 tonnes/sq m
  • Recycled, recyclable, reuseable material
  • Retro-fit solution
  • Sport England compliant

For full system details or a typical cross section of a SudsSports pitch, please see the attached document downloads.

Currently only provided by Thornton Sports, this SudsSports water management system is the first of its kind to make a zero pitch discharge rate achievable.


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